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Founding attorney William N. Benjamin Jr. has extensive experience in all facets of the Social Security process. While working in the Disability Determination Services, he was involved in 1500 to 2000 cases. Tied to the Social Security Administration (SSA), this department's main goal was to use the SSA's guidelines to evaluate disability claims. Attorney Benjamin brings this experience and thorough understanding of the claims process to his private practice. Clients directly benefit from Mr. Benjamin's valuable insight and depth of understanding of the entire process from both sides of the application.

Thoroughly Understanding Our Clients

From start to finish, our firm is prepared to provide the clear direction and concise answers that you need. We understand the stress and worry that accompanies benefits dilemmas. It is our goal to minimize your worry and provide experienced legal guidance at every turn. We take the time to go through forms and ensure our clients fully understand each question. By doing this, we are able to gain a clear picture of our clients and their goals. This insight helps us build a strong relationship.

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Selecting an attorney sooner rather than later can have a dramatic impact on the course of your case. While it might be challenging to increase the speed at which your benefits application moves through the process, a knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that your paperwork is completed and presented in the best light possible. Schedule a consultation at the Nashville office of William N. Benjamin, Jr. Attorney at Law by calling 615-647-5759 or by completing our convenient online contact form.